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CPR models

Superb models providing training on the correct methods of attempting resuscitation. By practicing the appropriate rates, pressures and positions students can be acquire the necessary skills.

Features of Casper CPR Dog

  • Mouth to snout training with individual use, disposable airway bags
  • Cross contamination between students eliminated by using the economical disposable shield/ lung bags
  • Teaches correct hand placement and depth for compressions, airway maintenance, femoral pulse check and adequate ventilation

Features of Advanced CPR Dog

  • Provides each student with own sanitary muzzle and nosepiece with one way valve
  • Muzzles can be disinfected and reused
  • Students can practice the appropriate rate, pressure and position of cardiac massage
  • Coordinate the respiratory cardiovascular functions
  • Audible bleep and light informs of excessive pressure applied

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